At Tacoma Children’s School we believe:

Children are natural scientists. Questioning and experimenting come as naturally to children as walking and talking.  We aim to create boundless opportunities for exploration. We believe even the youngest children can begin to document their learning through dictation and drawings.

Children yearn to create. Art is at the core of our curriculum. Through art and the creative process we explore math, science, language, and geography. We cultivate a love of art by providing diverse and varied materials and the daily opportunity for self-expression through creation.

We are all connected. Through cultural geography lessons, we explore our world. We recognize our own uniqueness as well as the common threads that hold us all together. We believe cultural and emotional intelligence are the cornerstones to creating peace in our communities.

Children should guide their own education. We believe children go through sensitive periods during which they are ready and excited to learn different concepts.  Children should direct their own education, exploring where they are passionate and learning concepts when they are ready.

Mixed-age classrooms inspire deeper education and community. By including children 2.5 through 4 years old in one class, children are allowed to develop at their own pace, form stronger bonds with classmates, and learn from one another. The mixed-age approach also eliminates stress caused by classroom and teacher transitions.

Children are best prepared for the future when they are curious, confident, creative, and cooperative. Children will graduate from Tacoma Children’s School ready to thrive in Kindergarten and with the solid academic, emotional, and social skills needed to succeed in the years ahead.