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Natasha Howell

Founder & Lead Teacher

Born and raised in Tacoma, Natasha founded Tacoma Children’s School out of a sincere desire to increase the availability of high-quality, integrated, and creative early childhood education in her home town.

After graduating from the University of Washington, Natasha went on to receive her Montessori teaching certification for early childhood education from the North American Montessori Center. After spending a few years teaching at a traditional Montessori school, Natasha realized that she wanted to be able to include a variety of disciplines in her teaching style including Montessori, inquiry-based, and creative arts curriculum. By drawing from numerous philosophies, Natasha is able to create a unique, child-driven, beautiful classroom environment. Natasha was the lead teacher and campus director for Harvard Avenue School in Seattle before moving home to start Tacoma Children’s School in the spring of 2017.

Natasha lives on site with her husband, Stewart, and two-year old son, Hudson. She is an avid reader and loves dabbling in the culinary arts.  On weekends, you’ll find her hiking with her family, at the playground, or elbows-deep in finger paint.

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